• Electric Shocks - First Aid Poster

Displaying first aid posters on notice boards provides staff and visitors with valuable knowledge that could save a life. Many people read posters simply out of curiosity and boredom, therefore displaying health and safety notices in areas like waiting rooms, staff rooms, toilets etc. enable these crutial messages to be read. This first aid poster specifically covers what to do in the event of a person being electrocuted. We believe that everyone should have a basic knowledge of first aid.

This poster includes a QR code which can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet, once scanned a video will be played to give further knowledge and clear first aid advice.

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5. PVC Encapsulated Paper: 110gsm synthetic paper covered with a thin layer of tough plastic on both sides, sealed at the edge making it waterproof

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Electric Shocks - First Aid Poster by Signs and Lines Safety

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